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pay monthly catalogues with credit

Open a catalogue credit account and you can spread the cost of your shopping. Buy now and pay later on electronics, clothes, appliances, furniture, gifts & more.  


Dial A TV Catalogue

3 Dial.a.tvDial A TV offers consumers a flexible rental platform for televisions, kitchen appliances, and home electronics. These range from washing machines and cookers, to home cinema systems and laptops.

You can rent them brand new or refurbished for a low weekly price.

You can apply for an account online and they may accept customers with a poor credit history, as they operate on a rental basis, rather than providing credit.

  • Pay weekly or pay monthly using a direct debit.
  • Free delivery and installation with the option to choose the specific date and time for your convenience.
  • Free repairs with temporary replacement products if the item needs to be taken away to be fixed.
  • No commitment; rental products can be returned at any time and the agreement terminated.


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Fashion World Catalogue – N Brown Group

4 FashionWorldFashion World specialises in ladies’ fashion clothing and accessories for ages between 35 and 55, but there are also selections for younger shoppers and men as well.

Their goal is to provide the best fitting and most comfortable garments on the market, which is accomplished through their shape guides and style advice sections in their shopping catalogues and on the website.

From cocktail dresses to maternity wear, to sports – Fashion World has something for every occasion.

  • Clothing sizes between 12 and 32, with different fits and lengths available.
  • Exclusives such as Claire Sweeny and larger sized Joe Browns.
  • Flexible delivery options to the home or workplace
  • Shop online or via their traditional printed catalogues.


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Grattan Catalogue – Freemans Grattan Group

19 grattanGrattan is a long running brand in the shopping catalogues industry, providing families with fashion and clothing, home decor and furnishings as well as electricals.

You can buy everything from the latest 4K curved smart TVs, to designer clothing from the likes of Jack & Jones, Levis, Joe Browns, and Converse. You can pay for purchases up front or on finance.

  • Free standard delivery on all orders, with faster options like Next Day and Nominated delivery available as well.
  • Spread the cost with a standard personal credit account.
  • Shop online at, on your mobile with the app, or through mail order or telephone with their traditional printed catalogues.


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Freemans Catalogue – Freemans Grattan Group

freemanFreemans is a popular catalogue and online shop targeted at women, though they also sell a wide range of men’s & kid’s clothing, fitness equipment, home & garden products and electrical appliances.

By far their most popular category is female fashion, and as their “Be fabulous” tagline suggests, they’re all about making you feel good and look great.

They offer a comprehensive selection of clothing, lingerie, accessories and shoes.

  • Comfortable and well fitted clothing for small and plus sizes.
  • Popular brands and designers such as Laura Scott, Henley’s, Lipsy, Joe Browns, and many others.
  • “Spread the Cost” personal account options.
  • Next Day delivery on all order made before 8pm, with nominated delivery also available.


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Jacamo Catalogue – N Brown Group

7 jamaco2Jacamo is a catalogue shopping retailer of menswear and fashion accessories with sizes up to 5XL, so you’re sure to find something that fits.

From casual everyday clothes to tailored suits, they have items for every occasion, and with over 40 popular brands you’ll also find something at a price you can afford that looks great.

Jacamo are one of the few catalogues dedicated to men’s fashion.

  • Wide range of sizes catering to small and large men, with some exclusive to Jacamo.
  • Shop in-store, as well as online or through their shopping catalogues.


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JD Williams Catalogue – N Brown Group

8 jd williamsJD Williams is the core catalogue brand of the JD Williams & Company Ltd, the largest catalogue retailer in the UK. Their range of comfortable female fashion ranging from sizes 12 to 34 and their wide selection of shoes, means you can always find something that fits and exudes style.

Although their main audience is women, you can also purchase men’s clothing, homewares, electrical appliances, and home entertainment products.

Customer benefits:

  • Thousands of items online found online at
  • Standard, Nominated and Next Day delivery options.
  • Many exclusive offers


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La Redoute Catalogue – Redcats Group

10 LA REDOUTELa Redoute is the UK’s leading credit catalogue for French designed fashion and accessories.

Their selection caters to both women and men, and also includes a range of decor and furnishings to stylize your home in a way that only the French can achieve.

Popular brands available include Somewhere, Ann Weyburn, Cyrillus, Ellos, Nike, Tipster, Adidas, and Vertbaudet.

  • Exclusive French fashion items not found in any other UK shopping catalogues.
  • Standard, Next Day and Click & Collect delivery options, and free returns within 14 days.
  • Shop and manage your account online, as well as through their printed catalogues.


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Look Again Catalogue – Freemans Grattan Group

12LOOKAGAINThe Look Again home shopping catalogue is full of fashionable clothing for all genders and ages, as well as decor and furnishings to give your home some extra special style.

They also offer home appliances and consumer electronics, so you can get everything you need from one place.

You can choose to pay up front with a credit or debit card, or pay on finance by applying for one of their credit accounts.

  • Utilise the shape calculator to help find the perfect fit for you.
  • A hundred brand new styles added to the catalogue every week.
  • The “Create A Room” tool allows you to simulate what your room could look like with the desired products.


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Marisota Catalogue – N Brown Group

13marisotaIf you want to be both fashionable and comfortable, Marisota is your one stop shop for female clothing.

With sizes between 12 and 36 and a variety of lengths and style fittings, you are sure to find something that extenuates the positives and fixes the negatives, making you feel great in the process. From shapewar to coats, there’s something for everyone.

While Marisota mostly targets female clothing shoppers, you can also buy range of homeware and electricals.

  • Dress sizes from 12 to 32, and 34 to 46, as well as shoes between 4 and 9 and width fittings to EEE.
  • Exclusive “Shapeology” items to sculpt your figure from Mark Heyes, and many other online exclusives.


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Simply Be Catalogue – N Brown Group

simplySimple Be is a leading catalogue and online shopping brand that caters to curvy women and plus sizes. Their wide variety of fashion clothing and accessories includes popular brands like Joe Browns, Chi Chi London, Lovedrobe, Voodoo Vixen, Forever Unique, Lavish Alice, and Paper Dolls among many others.

  • Fashionable designs in sizes 14 – 32, complimented by their comprehensive style guides.
  • Standard, Next Day and Nominated delivery options
  • Many online exclusive products and offers at


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Spread The Cost With A Credit Catalogue 

Catalogues with credit accounts allow you to pay for your purchases in installments rather than paying the full sum upfront. While each company will have their own terms and conditions, the process involves making regular payments (with added interest) until the outstanding balance is paid off.

If you are looking to purchase items on finance, remember that it will cost you more, than if you pay in cash. Ensure you understand the terms and conditions of each retailer before making any decisions relating to credit or finance.

Pay Weekly & Pay Monthly Catalogues

Most catalogues require you to begin paying weekly or monthly payments, starting 30 days after your items have arrived. You will be required to make a minimum payment every week or month, but you can choose to repay back your items more quickly by making larger payments.

Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues

A Buy Now Pay Later (sometimes known as BNPL) offer means you do not have to pay a penny until X amount of months have passed. At this point they may require full payment or allow monthly instalments to spread the cost. Buy Now Pay Later is closely related to “interest free” schemes. There may be an introductory “interest free” period meaning you do not have to pay any interest on your outstanding balance until the end of the introductory period.

This may be a good option if you budget correctly and pay the balance off before interest is applied. Some catalogues will require you to pay a minimum during the interest free period, while others allow you to pay what you want when you want.

Rent To Own Catalogues

Some catalogues provide a “Rent To Own” service where you are renting the item until the full price of the product has been paid. These rental programs allow customers to make regular payments to use a product with the option of returning it at any time, or owning it after a certain amount of payments have been made. These types of agreement are sometimes called “Hire Purchase” or “Rent To Buy”.

One of the benefits often associated with the rent to own process is that you can get free repairs. Dial A TV for example will deliver your item and install it free of charge. And if it ever breaks down an expert will be out right away to fix it, with no cost or even a call out charge.

No Deposit & Instant Decision

New customers usually do not require an upfront deposit (this will depend on your credit history and personal circumstance) and decisions on applications are usually provided instantly if you apply online. You must be over 18 to apply and a UK resident.

Catalogue Request

You can request a paper catalogue by visiting the websites and filling in the form. A lot of companies are reducing paper catalogues but you can normally still request one be sent to your home.

Free Delivery

Some catalogues offer free delivery as standard which make take a few days for your items to arrive. If you require next day delivery this will usually require a fee of around £3-4 depending on the catalogue.

Catalogue Credit Accounts

Catalogue credit accounts operates much like a credit card, allowing you to make flexible payments in monthly instalments. Each month, you have the option to pay: the full balance; the minimum payment; or a fixed amount or percentage, until your balance is cleared.

Similar to a credit card there is a credit limit, which is the total amount you can spend on the account. Like all forms of credit if you meet the terms of the agreement it will positively effect your credit rating. Likewise, if you miss payments it could affect your credit rating negatively and make it more difficult to borrow in the future.

How I Apply For A Catalogue Account?

Signing up for one of the shopping catalogues is easy. Simply find the items you want and add them to your shopping basket. When you are ready to checkout, you can sign up for a credit account to spread the cost of your payments or pay for your items in full.

Shopping catalogues make it very easy to apply for an account. If you have a printed copy of the catalogue, there will be a section at the front or back explaining the process. You can usually call their number and provide your personal details over the phone. The catalogue may also have an application form that can be filled out with a pen and sent via the post.

Of course with the rise of online shopping, catalogues now also have websites where you can buy products and apply online for an account. Simply log on to the site, find the registration page and follow the instructions for opening an account. This method is likely much faster and you should be approved within the same day.

What Is Needed On My Application?

What is required in the application may differ slightly from catalogue to catalogue, but it’s all fairly simple. First you will be asked your personal information, such as:

Full Name, Address (including prior addresses if you’ve recently moved), Telephone Number, Employment Status, and Household Income.

What the catalogue companies are trying to determine is whether you are who you say you are, and you have a stable income to meet repayments. Part of this process involves a credit check, the same as carried out by credit card companies, banks and other lenders. This is all automatic and should be completed quickly. In that time the system will be number crunching all sorts of different data to assess whether you are a lending risk or not.

Things they might be looking for:

  • Whether you already have a high amount of debt (multiple credit cards with high outstanding balances, an unpaid mortgage payment, a car on finance, mobile phone contracts, etc,). While you may have never missed a payment on any of these accounts, it shows that you may be reaching the upper limit of what you can afford.
  • Whether you have a history of missing payments and defaulting on loans. Unpaid debts, defaults and CCJs are a strong sign that you are an untrustworthy borrower and could be a risk if they grant you a personal account.

In most cases you will then be informed right away if your application has been approved, what the credit limit will be and other details. At this point it is only an offer and the account will not be opened until you accept the terms and complete a few more details.

It is important to ensure that the information you provide is accurate and you do not knowingly lie about your income, address or other details. Doing so may delay approval, cause them to reject you, or in some cases you could even be reported for fraud.

Catalogues For Bad Credit?

Although credit catalogues will perform a credit check on your application, each company is different and will have their own credit scoring system. So whilst you may be declined by one company, you could be approved by another.

Your history of making payments is an indicator as to whether you have a habit of missing them or paying them on time. Obviously if you always miss payments you will be considered a risk.

One factor that plays a surprisingly important role in whether you will be approved or not is whether you are on the electoral register. This helps lenders identify who you are and where you currently live.

If you know you have a poor credit history there’s still nothing stopping you from applying with a number of different catalogues and seeing which one will accept you.

If I Am Rejected By One Catalogue, Can I Apply With Another?

There is nothing stopping you from reapplying with a number of catalogue retailers until you are approved. Note that too many applications in a short space of time can harm your credit rating, as lenders will see you have applied multiple times and may see you as someone who is desperate for credit.

It is important to know that some catalogues belong to the same parent group. If you are rejected by one catalogue, it is likely you will be rejected by another catalogue in the same parent group. For example, both Fashion World and Jacamo belong to the N Brown parent group – if your application is declined by Fashion World, then it is likely you will be rejected by Jacamo.

Catalogues which belong in a parent group are noted above.

Why Is My Credit Limit So Small?

It is common practise for credit catalogues to initially give you a small credit limit. However this is not set in stone for the remainder of the relationship. After you have made a few purchases and payments are repaid on time, your credit limit is often bumped up, and may be increased many times in the future.

Think of it as a introductory phase where they monitor your spending habits and trustworthiness. Once they’ve seen that you are competent in managing your account, they’ll trust you with a higher credit limit. Most companies will eventually increase the credit limit as long as you have been making regular repayments on time. If this doesn’t seem to be happening automatically, you can call them and explain how well you’ve managed the account so far.

Many online catalogues will prompt you to apply for a personal account during the checkout process. This is convenient but does come with some considerations. Since they are likely to offer you a low limit to start with, it’s not a good idea to try and checkout with a 50 inch TV, new dishwasher and a bunch of designer clothes.

How Do I Make Payments On My Catalogue?

The repayment process depends on the type of credit account you have opened and their individual terms.

Minimum Payment: Some catalogues operate much like a credit card where you are only required to make a minimum payment each month plus interest. As long as you reach this threshold you are free to make payments whenever you want to, and of any amount. In theory you could pay off the full balance in the first month, or you could only make the minimum payment over many years (a much slower and more expensive process in the long run).

Pay Weekly/Pay Monthly: Some catalogues allow you to make a set weekly or monthly payment with aim to pay purchases off within a certain time period.

Buy Now Pay Later: A Buy Now Pay later offer means you do not have to pay a penny until X amount of months have passed. At this point they may require full payment or installments plus interest. BNPL is closely related to “interest free” payments.

Interest Free: Some credit catalogues will offer an introductory interest free period, meaning you do not have to pay any interest on your outstanding balance. This is a great option if you budget correctly and pay the balance off before interest is applied. Some catalogues will require you to pay a minimum during the interest free period, while others allow you to pay what you want when you want.

Your catalogue account including order history, balance, and payment options can all be managed online in most cases. You can also opt to receive paper statements to keep you informed.

Where Can I Check My Credit Report?

To get a better understanding of what you can work on to improve your credit report it’s a good idea to actually view it. Some people have found mistakes on their report that were holding them back, so it’s always worth checking things over every 6 months or so. Double check addresses, incorrect recordings of missed payments or defaults, and whether you are being wrongly linked to an ex husband or wife.

Believe it or not there isn’t actually one single “credit report” and lenders often have their own indicators that judge you differently. Equifax, Experian and Callcredit are the three core credit reference agencies, each which compile their own report on your credit history.

You legally have the right to access these files but they also have the right to charge you for it. Thankfully they all run free trial memberships, so you can sign up check your report and cancel the subscription before ever being charged.

Experian who are the largest reference agency offer a 30 day trial from their website. You can check Equifax and Callcredit at the same time through the Check My File website. Again they offer a 30 day free trial. You can also check Callcredit for free at any time through the Noddle service.

Littlewoods, Very and ISME

Littlewoods, Very and ISME belong to the Shop Direct Group of retailers and will be added shortly. Littlewoods, Very and ISME are one of the hardest retailers to get approved for, especially if you have a bad credit history.

Ace Catalogues?

If you have used any of the catalogues above, please leave a comment below and review your experience – was your experience ace or rubbish?!


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