Catalogues For Bad Credit History

If you live in the UK and you have bad credit, don’t lose hope when it comes to shopping. There’s still opportunity for you even if your credit record is beyond repair. Furthermore, the most important thing to know is that not all catalogue companies are the same. Each one of them has their own set criteria that govern how they check and give credit to interested clientele. Whereas one company might offer you an opportunity, another might refuse.

One reason why people go for catalogues is because they help improve credit ratings for clients who use them properly. Every payment that you make will reflect on your credit history hence boosting your initially ruined credit history. When this happens, your credit limit will be lifted, allowing you to shop for more.

This trend spirals upwards, meaning that you’ll afford more as time passes by. And the best thing is that you could clear your bad credit history in no time if you make frequent affordable purchases and pay for them in good time. Some catalogues provide credit limits of up to £500. However, many of them will start at the lower side of £100. But this is just what you need for small purchases that can be paid back in time.

The best thing about catalogues is that there are bargains all round, and you can always make flexible payments depending on the company you pick. Flexibility means you pay according to what you can afford. You could spread your costs over time to pay in simple installments. On the other hand, you could opt to pay absolutely nothing until after a certain period of time, allowing you more time to clear your debts.

That said, we’ve rounded up a list of Catalogues for people with bad credit in the UK. Most of the companies we mention here will do more to accommodate your financial status because they understand your needs. Of course they’ll run a background check on your credit history, find out if you’re 18 and above, plus they would like to know if you are a UK citizen or not. Finally, they might check to see if you have multiple CCJS.

Every individual’s financial situation is different, and it will determine whether they are granted the credit or denied access.

Improve Your Credit Rating
Rebuilding your credit history might seem complicated to some degree, particularly because having a bad credit score will prevent you from getting approved for other credits and loans. There are several things you can do to improve your credit history, and they only aspect that you should be truly concerned about is time. It might take a long time until you manage to improve your score and get approved for other loans, so you should better begin as soon as possible in order to be successful.

Get Out of Debt First
Since your credit history is bad, it is very likely that the cause that led you to this outcome was debt. As a result, the first thing you should do in order to repair your credit score is getting out of debt, which will enable you to make further payments on time. If your income is fairly low, you should consider working additional hours or getting a second job, so that you can earn enough money to pay off your debts. Sometimes, even getting hired in a part-time position can help you, but it is always important to be financially responsible and attempt to save more money on utility bills or other monthly expenditures. In this way, you will be able to redirect the money you save towards paying off the debts faster.

Pay Your Bills on Time
Once you get out of debt, you have to start paying all your bills on time. Your credit history will be highly influenced by these payments, and being late will only worsen your credit score even more. Whether we talk about mortgage, credit card, car loans, health insurance, utility bills, rent or cell phone, you have to pay all your bills and taxes in a timely manner, so you will not get reported for late payment. This will show up in your credit report, and your credit score will be very much affected.

Take Small Loans
Another important thing you can do in order to rebuild your credit history is taking small loans instead of large ones. Assuming that your income would not allow you to pay off a larger credit with bigger interest rates, you can prove that you are financially responsible by taking smaller ones, which will help you improve your score. Paying it off on time and avoiding debt will lay a solid credit foundation that will bring you many positives for your credit report. Moreover, lenders will be more likely to extend significant amounts in the future, so you can take larger loans.

Take a Small Loan with a Co-Signer
Sometimes, taking a small loan with a co-signer can constitute an excellent way to raise your credit score and history. If you are still unable to get approved for a credit by yourself, having another individual to co-sign for the loan will authorize you to get it, though. Use this option as a small resort, and always keep in mind that you can improve your credit history at a great deal if you maintain a positive repayment history.

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